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Architecture + Design


AFS provides architectural design services to underprivileged communities by collaborating with other nonprofit organizations, governmental and nongovernmental agencies and other individuals working on community improvement projects. AFS will support these efforts by providing building planning/ design, construction documentation, 3D visualization, Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction material studies, rehabilitation studies, urban planning studies and feasibility studies. These services will be offered on a sliding compensation scale, whereby the financial capacity of the client determines the assessment of fees.

Art + Education


AFS educates the public, practitioners and government policy makers about the specific problems as well as the positive contributions these disadvantaged communities have made to their built environments. AFS will publish articles, research papers, books as well as organize seminars, conventions and exhibitions to showcase its projects and research to the public. Additionally AFS will reach out to others working with disadvantaged communities and invite them to showcase their work in our publications and exhibitions. A key component of our education programs will be to promote the interests of these communities in a positive light and stimulate the public to support development efforts.



AFS undertakes research in the areas of low income housing, slums, informal/ squatter settlements, sustainable upgrading, government policy, sustainable building materials, low tech construction techniques and earth architecture. AFS focuses its research on construction innovations, economic viability, social connectivity, major adversities and societal perceptions of these communities. AFS pursues research collaboration with academics, practitioners, NGOs, government agencies and through the application for research grants. The research will be documented and published on the organizations website in an online library to serve as a comprehensive educational resource in the areas of low income housing, informal housing and low tech building solutions. By engaging in research AFS aims to provide scientifically sound solutions to the real problems of disadvantaged communities.

Haiti S.T.E.A.M School



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In The Window Seat

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[Re]making History

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