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Hex House Fundraiser on GoFundMe

By March 20, 2016December 19th, 2016Uncategorized

We would like to raise money to develop and build a prototype which will be the basis for a larger production effort. The prototype we will be a proof of concept that will help persuade NGO’s and relief agencies to adopt our design.

Our goal is to serve groups who are displaced by natural and man-made disasters across the globe and would love if you can be a part of our efforts.

Read more about Hex House; Refugee Housing

Devastating Earthquakes in Southern Turkiye and Northern Syria

"We've teamed up with the International Blue Crescent (IBC) in Turkey to mobilize disaster relief to the affected regions. Please follow the link below to their fundraising campaign, and do you best to help.

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Earthquake devastation in Hatay
Earthquake devastation in Malatya