Taru Niskanen – Development Director

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Taru is a Finnish national currently living in the Netherlands. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has undertaken qualitative research on transforming urban space in the Netherlands and on teachers within the monastic education sector in Myanmar.

Her professional background is from non-profit sector, most recently from Kabul in Afghanistan. She has also gained five years of valuable experience while working as an assistant for a wide range of fundraising campaigns within private and public sectors and school campaigns at UNICEF Finland. Her volunteer involvement includes workshop and program coordination at a socio-political center. On a professional level she is currently interested in grant writing and proposal development, of which she has both theoretical and practical understanding.

On a personal level she is committed to learning how to better the circumstances of people in difficult life situations, especially children, who are vulnerable for reasons of poverty, deprivation, or politics.

Email: t.niskanen@architectsforsociety.org

Board Member, Dutch Branch