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Luca Marchetti – Architect, Designer

Italian architect, Luca joined Architects For Society as a volunteer in 2016, while he was completing his education in Denmark. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Aalborg University (2016) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture Science from Politecnico di Milano (2013). He is specialized in building technology with working experience at ZEDfactory Ltd., London, and in interiors and exhibiting design at Canaliassociati, Parma. His passion for sustainable and democratic design brought him to design a masterplan solution for Hex House together with the board members. The success of the strategy is due to the pattern that is below the plan – where the hexagonal module is the basic cell of the grid. Since then, Luca continued developing the Hex House and met another young volunteer and friend, Felipe, with whom he drew several solutions for the interiors of the refugees dwelling. As staff member, he deals with AFS’ public relations in Italy and contributes to the mission with his cross-disciplinary approach to architecture.