About Us

We are a group of experienced architects from the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and India who are committed to engaging practitioners, policy-makers, and the public, in a collaborative dialogue

We are a non-profit design organization with a mission to enhance the built environment of disadvantaged communities through innovative architecture and design. AFS was incorporated in September of 2015, but its key members have been practicing architecture for an average of 20 years. As a group of experienced architects from the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and India, we are invested in design education, research, and practice with extensive experience in a wide range of project types.


Luca Marchetti - Architect, Designer

Pesaro, Italy

Sonal Mithal - Art and Heritage Director

Surat, India


Yousef Oqleh - Board Chair

Dubai, UAE

Amro Sallam - Board Member

Minneapolis, USA

Stephan Wedrich - Board Member

Basel, Switzerland

Adam Whipple - Board Member

Chicago, USA

Mourad Bendjennet - Board Member

Montreal, Canada


David Koch - Advisory Board

Madrid, Spain

Dr. Altaf Engineer - Advisory Board

Phoenix, USA

Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Hilgers - Advisory Board

Berlin, Germany

Dan Clark - Design Director

Minneapolis, USA

Dr. Steve Mellema - Advisory Board

St. Peter, USA